About Us

Welcome! We’re Ralph and Heather and happy you’re here!

Our passion for eating great food ignited shortly after we met. As a travelling salesman throughout North America, Europe, and Asia, Ralph had the privilege of enjoying a broad range of culinary delights.

After these trips, he would try to replicate what he ate, and Heather was eager to try anything put in front of her. She also joined Ralph on a number of business trips throughout Europe and ate memorable yummmm meals together.

Through friendships, our passion for food broadened to include great vino.

In 2008 we moved from Canada to Germany. Owing to a much smaller fridge, we changed our ways regarding the amount of food we buy (enough for a few days), from where (mostly our local farmer’s market and a weekly bio delivery), and try to eat seasonally.

Great food is not just enjoyed on the week-ends – every meal is important to us. We eat meat and fish, but typically have vegetarian meals at least a few times a week and enjoy vegan dishes, too. What you won’t find much of here are dessert recipes. The burning question we have after every meal is…what are we making next?

We started this blog to share the meals we make with our children, family, friends, and anyone who finds us! The dominant chef of us both is Ralph, who rarely follows a recipe. Heather was forced to learn how to cook with Ralph traveling so much (she got tired of making eggs and popcorn for supper) but she prefers to follow recipes.  

Ralph loves grilling on his Weber BBQ (hauled here to Germany from Canada nearly 14 years ago!), on the Weber charcoal BBQ, over a fire, and with our kitchen stove. There’s always music playing, and often a glass of wine by our side.

When ‘QB’ is referenced in a recipe, that stands for Quanto Basta (Italian: As Much as Needed) which we learned from David Rocco’s cookbooks.

“Now we’re cookin’ with gas!” is what Ralph blurts out when what he’s making is coming together fabulously. When I hear him say it, I know what I’m soon to eat will be delish.

Guten Appetit & Santé!

p.s. We’d like to thank Banie Stafford of B Creative for designing our logo!

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